Our chief need you! Grab your club, gather the allies and jump into the battle to defend your village from the ancient monsters. The peaceful village now in grave danger to be overun by dinosaurs! Assemble a team of more than 10 varieties caveguys. Craft weapons from the resources. Prepare yourself, for the greatest battle of your life!

Visit the village
  • Packed with Actions

    The very first trailer of Super Stick Badminton

  • Build Your Performance

  • Challenging The World

  • Easy To Play

  • Custom Your Character

  • A New Challenge Everyday


  • Set up battle party of three among 20 unlockable Caveguys
  • Full 3D continents to be explored
  • Over 50 Unique Dinosaurs
  • Over 60 quests to complete
  • Participate In Global Scale Competition


The Barbarian will attack anything, everything and at any time—all while sporting a perfect mustache. These troops fight most effectively in large groups, swarming their opponents and razing enemy bases to the ground.

Join The Fight

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