Caveguys is a 3D real-time battle game set in the mysterious and ancient lands populated with fearsome dinosaurs and mysterious creatures. It follows a grand adventure of a band of caveguys to rescue their friends from the Evil Flaming God which appeared every five years to kidnapp caveguys from their village in Kapow Island. Nobody knew what happened to those kidnapped caveguys. Let’s find out togehter.


  • Set up battle party of three among 20 unlockable Caveguys
  • Full 3D continents to be explored
  • Over 50 Unique Dinosaurs
  • Over 60 quests to complete
  • Participate In Global Scale Competition
  • Play Hidden Objects to Earn Extra Items
  • Test Your Battle Skills At Challenging Powerful Dinosaurs In Hunt

Babor likes to eat and smash things with his big club. He is the first playable character.